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Why You Should Choose English to Chinese Translation Service at AnyTranscription?

Why English to Chinese translation becomes increasingly important?

Many different motivations drive the enterprises to translate their contents to target international audience. This may facilitate business partnerships at home and aboard or expand their market reach, and sold the products to consumers around the world. But whatever the reason is, companies are taken great concern with the translation of their products. For businesses around the world, the Chinese market is becoming increasingly attractive. With more than 1.3 billion inhabitants divided into 56 ethnic groups, professional understanding, local knowledge and practical experience are required to communicate with Chinese companies. For a non-local enterprises, it must require translation services, especially English to Chinese translation, to open China's vast market.

English to Chinese translation

Usage for English to Chinese translation:

1. For individuals -- The perfect academic translation can guarantee you to deliver wonderful speech; wonderful paper resume translation can give you a broad mind and satisfying work.

2. For enterprises -- Companies will be more emphasis on translation services. The focus for translation services shall concentrate on specific audience. Excellent translation can make the content create huge difference

3. For the organization -- A good translation service can bring you more word of mouth. On the contrary, a negative reputation will seriously affect the reputation of an organization. Low-quality translations can leave bad impression on your business, and even exert negative impact on your brand.

How to choose your English to Chinese translation service?

When you need to enjoy English-Chinese translation service, you generally have three choices: machine translation, professional translation or crowdsourcing service. Each approach has its costs and benefits as well as specific purposes.

1. Machine translation tools: such as Google translate, usually free to use, which will give you a real-time translation. You only need to copy and paste text. But it is remembered that these tools only provide basic translation, and the content will not be accurate.

2. Professional Translation: Professional translation is high-quality translation provided by the native or competent translators. Unlike machine translator, professional translators shall take grammar rules and spoken phrases into account to make the content more nature and fluent. For professional translation services, it is critical to choose a company that provides reasonable price and guarantees the safety of content, AnyTranscription company is a worthy choice.

3. Crowdsourcing Translation: crowdsourcing translation may take some time to complete, because the problem is the outsourcer may have insufficient experience in translation. However, crowdsourcing is relative better option that can provide comparable good quality and is cheaper than professional translation.

Which kind of translation you should choose?

The selection for translation mode depends on the translation business focus of specific content.

You might choose high-end translation for your ad copy or creative document, while machine translation is used internally, and crowdsourcing translation is user-generated content. The main trend is the importance of the content decides the quality of the translation. The decision on selecting professional translation depends on the nature of its contents. For the individuals, businesses, organizations that need English and Chinese translation, professional translation is very worthwhile investment. If you need to translate English to Chinese, AnyTranscription not only provides preferential prices, but also provides professional, safe and timely translations. It is the service you should choose.

Why AnyTranscription:
◆ 100% customer satisfaction
◆The price for document translation is $0.03/word, and the translation for audio and video is $4/Min
◆Local Chinese translation companies, high-quality English-Chinese translation service
◆We will perform quality control against each point to ensure that we provide the highest quality translation
◆Asia 3rd and 19th world's global languages supplier
◆More than 15 years of industry experience
◆More than 1,000 branches in the world
◆Average daily production 1000.0000 words
◆Apply more than 130 patents and ISO9001 certified company
◆Highly secure translators and NDA

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the Chinese national market, please contact us today to learn how we can provide you reliable English translation services.

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