Types of Transcription Services

With transparent management system, reasonable prices and trustworthy quality, AnyTranscription guarantees to provide better transcription services. Here are some of the many types of transcription services AnyTranscription offers.

video / audio transcription servieces

Academic Transcription

Research, Dissertation Materials, Classroom Lectures, Audio Books, and more.

video / audio transcription servieces

Medical Transcription

Doctor's recordings, operative reports, referral letters, and other documents.

video / audio transcription servieces

Business Transcription

Business Meetings, Business Conference Calls, Product and Services Review, and more.

video / audio transcription servieces

Conference Transcription

Press Conference, Online Conference, Teleconference, and more.

video / audio transcription servieces

Foreign Language Transcription

AnyTranscription offers foreign language transcription for 20+ different languages.

video / audio transcription servieces

Legal Transcription

Court Recording, Emergency Call Services, Investigative Recording, Court Decision, and other documents.

video / audio transcription servieces

Interview Transcription

News, Autobiography, Journalism, Advertisement, and more.

Rate Your Audio/Video Quality

We guarantee high efficient transcription services with the accuracy of 100%, if your audio/video is very clear. Sometimes, because of the different quality of your audio/video. You can rate your audio/video quality as below. If you want to get a high quality transcription, please send us clear audio/video digital files online. We measure quality using a 5-step numerical system as follow:

  • video / audio transcription servieces

    Clear audio/video

  • video / audio transcription servieces

    Clear audio/video with some pockets of distortion

  • video / audio transcription servieces

    Fairly clear audio/video with mild audio/video distortion and disturbances, little jargon/technical content

  • video / audio transcription servieces

    Poor audio/video, heavy accent, lots of overlapping conversations, multiple speakers (more than two), audio/video distortion and disturbances such as background noise, low recording, heavy jargon, etc.

  • video / audio transcription servieces

    Very poor audio/video - hardly audible

How We Price Transcription Services

We believe in keeping our prices for transcription services very simple and affordable. That is why we charge "Per-minute pricing with no minimums". We keep prices consistent, whatever the language you are translating into. Pay more depending on the quality you need. Our simple per-minute pricing ($0.80 per minute), no minimum charge and no language restriction means you can order affordably at scale. Only take the most affordable price, you can get a transcription you need. Using this type of pricing allows the customer to know in advance exactly how much they will pay for and how long they will get a given transcription project.


VIA File type/Per recorded minute Turnaround time and prices
Budget(A flexible deadline) Standard(3-5 business days) Rush(2 business days) 1 Day(24 hours or less)
web Audio/Video transcription $0.99/min $1.50/min $1.99/min $2.50/min
VIA File type/Per recorded minute Options
Caption as .doc file Caption as .srt file Subtitle (English <-> Chinese) Subtitle (other language) Suppression as Video
web Audio/Video transcription $0/min $0.10/min $7.00/min $10.00/min $0/min

Most transcription projects don't need these options, such as caption as .srt file, subtitle (English <-> Chinese), subtitle (other language), you could choose them by yourself. In this case you may need to pay for the additional service. And if you have any questions, we're happy to help!

Self-customized Your Transcription Service

If you have any problems in ordering the transcription services, you can view the Order Help.

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