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We transcribe all major audio and video file formats. View your complete list. If you have a large file, or upload fails, it is recommended that you upload your files to your web space, such as network disk or dropbox, then use the “ADD URLs” with download-address of your files to submitt to us.








OPTIONStranscription servicesMost transcription projects don't need these features, but if yours do, we're happy to help!

Caption as .doc file $0/min

Caption as .srt file $0.10/min

Subtitle (English <-> Chinese) $7.00/min

Subtitle (other language) $10.00/min

Suppression as Video $0/min


1. The price above only available for Chinese and English, if other languages transcription, please contact us to get a free specific quote.

2. Please set your project according to the actual situation, and do not hesitate to contact us if there are any differences between estimated and actual price.

3. The turnaround time is generally calculated based on business days, the Orders will be delivered within the selected period. The duration of file shall be less than 1 hour if you choose the “1 Day Service”.

4. The above contents mainly apply to monolingual transcription. If you need to make bilingual transcription - translate into other languages after transcribing, you can contact us for details.

If you have any other questions, you can view FAQs, or send us e-mail.

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