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AnyTranscription — Opening a New Transcription Service Experience

Improving on its established conference transcription services, AnyTranscription has introduced even more services in this field based on customer feedback. New services include business meetings, sales presentations, project meetings and updates, training courses, regular team meetings and communication between employees working in different locations. At the same time, AnyTranscription provides conference transcription services in more than 20 languages with its special conference transcription auditing team conducting two reviews to ensure over 98% accuracy.

A New Transcription Service Experience

With the advance of globalization, more and more companies are facing a challenge in their expenses. Companies are starting to look for ways to achieve higher efficiency at lower costs. An excellent way to do this is to reduce high-cost travel expenses, meaning that teleconferences are becoming increasingly common; however, this brings inherent problems with it. It is almost impossible to completely memorize the entire content of a conference call, leading to a lack of efficiency that fails to meet requirements. As a result, conference call transcription services are becoming more and more popular.

AnyTranscription has been engaged in conference transcription since 2001, and has accumulated a vast amount of experience in this field over the subsequent 10+ years. However, as the times changed, the company discovered that conference transcription services were also changing.

"In the past, we only provided conference call transcription services for a variety of conference firms. We were providing services for a range of conferences in different industries including educational institutions, the health care industry, government reports and lectures and so on. Now we find that our clients come from different countries, have different transcription format requirements and transcription speed requirements. We regularly need to complete a conference call transcription that is over four hours in length on the day it was held, and submit high accuracy transcripts in the required format." – commented AnyTranscription's manager.

With this in mind, AnyTranscription has launched its new comprehensive high-quality conference call transcription service. This upgrade includes the following:

- Language expansion

Expanding its conference call transcription services from just several languages to over 20 languages.

- Team auditing

In order to ensure transcriptions of each language are highly accurate, AnyTranscription not only conducted worldwide recruitment of top-class transcriptionists, but also established a special auditing team to conduct two reviews.

- Range expansion

AnyTranscription now supports the online transcription of multiple types of videos and conference calls, such as Skype’s online conference.

AnyTranscription will continue to update its conference transcription services, and has launched a 30% discount promotion to allow more people the chance to enjoy its services. It is expected that AnyTranscription will bring consumers a better service experience in conference transcription.

About AnyTranscription

AnyTranscription is an online professional website that provides transcription services. The website is run by IOL8 a subordinate of Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd., China's largest translation company. Based on an Internet and IT technology implementation innovation model, Transn is a new multi-language information service provider, which allows customers to communicate directly with the world in their native tongue. On the strength of over 10 years of profound experience in the translation industry and technology accumulation over that time, Transn launches its brand new website AnyTranscription. AnyTranscription mainly provides professional online audio or video transcription services for customers around the world, combining Internet technology, transcription software and manual proofreading to make its online transcription services faster and of a higher quality. For more details please visit:

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“This is a great company at medical transcription, very professional, very fast,very reliable!”---jay

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