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Transcription Company Launches Special Thanksgiving Week Offer For English to Chinese Translation Services

"Any Transcription", a company offering specialized online transcription and translation services recently announced the launch of its special Thanksgiving Week offers on their website from November 16th to 29th. The company aims to provide high quality customized transcription and translation services at optimum prices to its clients. For Thanksgiving week, Any Transcription is offering a special focus on their translation services, including “translate English to Chinese” and vice versa translations, which can be viewed on their website at

Translaiton services promotion on Thanksgiving

Any Transcription is a company that is well known for their professional audio and video transcription services, which include academic, business, legal, medical, conference and other transcriptions. The company also transcribes interviews and offers foreign language transcription services in more than twenty languages with a strong focus on English to Chinese. In addition to this, Any Transcription also provides free proofreading and formatting services, a timely order delivery assurance(including ‘same day services’) with a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, all orders are strictly confidential and are dealt by highly trained native transcriptionists and there is even a refund policy in case of order cancellation or quality issues.

Thus, Any Transcriptions covers almost every kind of transcription services including dissertation materials, classroom lectures, emergency call services, court recording and decisions, operative reports, online press conferences, business meetings and the like. The company caters to a wide and expanding clientele that includes students, journalists, writers, advertising professionals, doctors, account executives and others.

Moreover, Any Transcription’s self-service is extremely easy to use. Interested customers may simply create an account, and upload the relevant files or add the URLS on the website and select the price options as per their needs and convenience. For special transcription services, such as bilingual transcription where the file requires to be translated to another language after successful transcription, the customer may directly contact the company for details.

For Thanksgiving Week, Any Transcription has included a special offer on Chinese translation services: all English to Chinese translations have been priced at a very nominal $ 0.03 per word. Given the rising need to translate English to Chinese for business cooperation, Any Transcription’s fast and efficient translation services are much valued by companies with Chinese localizations and other multinational organizations.

The online professional website of Any Transcription is run by Transn IOL Technology Co., Ltd., China's largest translation company. Although based in China, Any Transcription's many services are available to customers worldwide, and are completely online. With over 10 years of industry experience and a Chinese base, Any Transcription is highly trusted, especially for "translate English to Chinese" services.

Thus, customers requiring any form of translation or transcription services may directly place their orders on Any Transcription’s website. For more information about Any Transcription or any queries regarding their translation and transcription services, please feel free to contact customer service at

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“This is a great company at medical transcription, very professional, very fast,very reliable!”---jay

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