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News Transcript Service ----Convey News Timely And Accurately

A great number of pieces of news are swarming into our life , in an unimaginable speed. How to ensure news being conveyed to audience timely and accurately has become a big concern for both news press and audience. News transcript is a kind of service to help transcribe the video/audio news to text, through which the news press can get a relief from their heavy work and the audience can enjoy the transcribed news faster and better.

News Transcript

AnyTranscription is a company providing professional audio/video online transcription services. If you wish to get your processed news transcript in a very short time and with high accuracy, you can also turn to it for its news transcript service, by which the content of news can be converted into text according to your order. We promise to transcript the news until we get your 100% satisfaction.


Why Choose Anytranscription’s News Transcript Service?

1. Timeliness And Accuracy

News has its particularity that is strong timeliness and high accuracy. To ensure accuracy, we will ask native transcriptionists to support transcription of mother tongue. You no longer need to worry about the transcription errors caused by the language barrier or accent. We also have a professional transcription team who can guarantee the high quality of our tasks. In AnyTranscription, each file we have transcribed will be checked, modified, thus ensuring the delivery file the best and perfect one.

News Transcript

2.A Large Scope Of Service

The fast developing news press poses challenges to audience’s comprehensive qualities that they may have difficulty in getting the meaning of news even if it is transcribed. AnyTransciption has a large scope of service, covering medical transcription, business transcription, legal transcription, academic transcription and so on. The experiences in these fields are helpful for us to perform news transcript. No matter what type the news is, we can provide you with the most professional news transcript service.

3.Self-customized Transcription Service

AnyTranscription is a company providing professional audio/video online transcription services. We have a comprehensive online operating system, through which you can judge the quality of your audio/video file. Besides, we have a transparent pricing standard on our online platform. So you can estimate the quality of our processed file and the charge ahead of time by yourself. If there is a large gap between your estimation and our processed file, you can contact us via the online platform. We are in the pursuit of your 100%satisfaction.

4.Reasonable Price and Special Offer

There is no minimum charge and no language restriction in AnyTranscription. Our per-minute price is 1$, but now you can enjoy our excellent audio/video transcription service with 30% discount during the summer promotion period from July 15, 2015 to Aug. 17, 2015.

We are looking forward to knowing your demand, because that is what we are going for! Come and contact us!


About AnyTranscription

AnyTranscription is an online professional website that provides transcription services. The website is run by IOL8 a subordinate of Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd., China's largest translation company. Based on an Internet and IT technology implementation innovation model, Transn is a new multi-language information service provider, which allows customers to communicate directly with the world in their native tongue. On the strength of over 10 years of profound experience in the translation industry and technology accumulation over that time, Transn launches its brand new website AnyTranscription. AnyTranscription mainly provides professional online audio or video transcription services for customers around the world, combining Internet technology, transcription software and manual proofreading to make its online transcription services faster and of a higher quality. For more details please visit:

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