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AnyTranscription’s Transcriptionists Now Adopt an Even More Flexible Working System

Flexible working systems are being used by numerous modern corporations, and companies that offer transcription services are obviously no exception. In order to lighten the burden on transcriptionists, while at the same time guaranteeing their work efficiency, AnyTranscription has adopted an even more flexible working system. This includes flextime, working from home, full- and part-time work available, and other flexible measures.

The work of transcription is becoming more widely recognized through mass media. A lot of people envy transcriptionists as they can work from home. But what actually is a working from home system? Why can transcriptionists work from home?


A transcriptionist is a person who performs transcription work and converts speech to text. Working from home gives transcriptionists great flexibility, especially for those who want to work and take care of their families. But flexible transcription times and locations does not represent inefficient work. A transcriptionist needs to have the following skills:

AnyTranscription’s Transcriptionists

1. Fast enough typing speed: transcription work has to meet deadlines, and thus the transcriptionist is often required to convert speech into text in a short time. A transcriptionist controls the starting and stopping of the audio with a foot pedal, and needs to convert what he/she hears into text quickly, which requires a fast typing speed.

2. Adaptation to transcription documents: transcription documents are classified according to different standards, such as target languages and certain industries, and transcriptionists are likewise classified to work on transcription documents within different specialized fields. However, though they have a foundation in these relevant categories, they still need to transcribe according to the different language styles and customs of the various subjects of these audio or video files.

3. Detailed study: transcriptionists should keep pace with the development of the field they are working in via continuous study. In other words, they must ensure their professionalism.

AnyTranscription’s Working System

From the professional requirements put on transcriptionists, it is clear that this work is not as easy as it may at first look. However, a flexible working system can help mobilize transcriptionists’ enthusiasm for their work to the greatest degree. AnyTranscription adopts an even more flexible transcription system, including flextime, working from home, the availability of part-time work, and so on, which not only reduces transcriptionists’ working pressure, but also reduces the burdens they face, allowing them to concentrate fully on their work. In fact, AnyTranscription has always benefited from a flexible working system, and will more actively pursue this system in the future.

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