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Quickest Way From Talk to Text

I bet you have never seen a transcription service website friendlier than AnyTranscription for talk to text service. If you are a user of AnyTranscription, I believe you must have a deep feeling about that. If you are not a user of AnyTranscription, then the following steps will certainly help you a lot. You won't know how much time you could have saved.

1. Sign up

Are you always troubled by the cumbersome registration processes? "Why should I tell you so much of my personal information when signing up to order transcription services? Why do you survey how I know your company? I am not a spy, certainly. I just want to do a talk to text transcription!"

We completely respect your privacy, so you only need to provide your email address, and then you can register successfully. Of course, don't forget your password and your cute nickname.

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2. Order services

When uploading files, does it always occur errors for different types of reasons, resulting in the lost of numerous required information and requirements for transcription? Are you always waiting for the next page, and have to begin from the first page due to the system error? Do you feel that there are too many pages that you need to fill?

AnyTranscription provides all in one page order service, as long as you enter the page "Transcription service", you will see all the contents of the ordering process. You no longer have to worry about the network interrupt or system error. As long as this page is loaded, you can go to pay!

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3. Convenient payments

AnyTranscription provides quick PayPal payment. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create your account immediately on the same page. So you will not need to worry about the lost of filled contents and the uploaded files.

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4. Quick transcription

AnyTranscription provides you with quick talk to text transcription services. If you need to get the transcript within a short time, we can guarantee that the transcript will be returned to you within a day. You can get the file via the website or your registered email box.

AnyTranscription hopes that through our efforts, you can get the most satisfying results in shortest time. We have enjoyed 98% accuracy and 100% customer satisfaction now. Hope more customers benefit from our efforts for website optimization and service improvement.

For more information about order process, please look at the article "Order-help".

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“This is a great company at medical transcription, very professional, very fast,very reliable!”---jay

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