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How to Upload Your Audio Transcription File on Our Website


We have received many audio transcription files, which are most used in transcription services. In order to

help customers upload their audio transcription files faster, this article provides some instructions.


1.Open the following web page:


2.Upload your video files:


Our web supports all kinds of audio format. It can automatically recognize the length of file with the format of MP3, WMA, APE, MMF, M4A, M4R, WAV, WavPack, MP2. Please keep in mind the minimum duration for audio file is 1 minute. If your audio file is less than 1minute, you need to input 1 minute manually. Besides, duration of audio in FLAC and AMR format can’t be recognized, either. Audio in AAC and OGG format can’t be recognized accurately, shorter than the original video file. Therefore, we recommend you to upload your audio file in format which can help recognize the duration automatically or add URLs. This is not only convenient for your operation, but also helpful for us to improve efficiency.


Upload files from your computer.

a. If it is uploaded successfully, the system will calculate the cost according to the duration of your audio file. Please pay attention that the cost is calculated by Budget (a flexible deadline), if you have special requirements on your deadline, you can choose accordingly after uploading the audio file.

Audio File



b. If your audio format doesn’t support automatic duration recognition, you will see following picture.

Fail to Be Uploaded


You just need to input the length of your audio file in the blank, and then click OK button. The system will calculate the cost according to the length you’ve entered. Please enter the accurate number for both convenience.





Add URLs

As the following picture:

Add Urls



Write down the URL and time duration in the blank. Click CONFIRM button.

Add Urls



3.Choose turnaround and prices, and pay for the bill.




Choose the turnaround and prices according to your need. Then you need to write down your e-mail address in the blank before you pay for the bill.


Personal Information


4.At last, Click PAY NOW to pay for the bill.


After your payment, you will receive a piece of message which includes your ID information, by which you

can sign in and track your order on our web.

Pay Now


If you can’t find a solution for your problem, please contact us.

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