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How to Convert Voicemail to Text Messages?

If you’re very busy every day and have to participate in endless meetings in the company, and receive a voicemail, but it is inconvenient to listen it at that time, and eager to know the content, you'll think it would be great to be converted into text messages, which will be convenient and fast, safe and intelligent.

In fact, numerous technologies or softwares can help you realize this dream. The most well known is Google Voice, as well as the similar mobile phone applications such as Yap, Dragon. Here take Google Voice for example, how to convert voicemail to text messages?

Voicemail To Text

First, you need to register a Google account, if you have a Gmail e-mail address, it could be better. A US phone number is required in order to set up an account. Then, the new account is created, and you should set a new phone number in Google Voice. Finally, go to Voicemail & Text and set up your voicemail message, forward the selected text, then it will send your transcribed text, thus allowing smartphone users to get voicemail to text transcription services easily on the website or mobile phone. As long as you register account, it can automatically enable this function. In addition, you can also search text copy. If you want to search a piece of important information in the text copy, you can enter keywords in the search box, and then press "Search". So you need not to listen to all the voicemail messages and quickly find what you need.

Although Google Voice brings a lot convenience to people and is free, free will bring a lot of potential problems. Many people feel Google Voice will miss a lot of information and is inaccurate, function poorly. If you rely on Google Voice heavily, Google will know all conversations between you and your friend. If so, some people are willing to pay some money to obtain a more accurate "voicemail to text" service. Other fee-based companies offer voicemail to text transcriptions as well, including,, and Please compare their features and better transcription accuracy to see if you’d rather enjoy one of their services instead of Google Voice.

With “voicemail to text” services, whether you’re on the road, at home, work or school – you’ll be able to see who’s called and what they’ve said right away. For more information, please visit

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