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How To Become AnyTranscription Audio Or Video Transcriptionist?

At AnyTranscription, you can apply for transcription jobs directly via sending your resume via email at our website. After we receive your resume, we will randomly select you a short audio or video to test your ability. If you pass test, you can undertake our formal audio or video transcription job. At the moment, are you interested in becoming AnyTranscription transcriptionist? We select our audio or video transcriptionist from the following aspects:

How to become a transcriptionist


1. Transcription experience

If you have experience in terms of audio or video transcription, it will be very helpful. Audio or video Transcriptionist shall have relevant transcription experience and better language skills which will help you have a good understanding of the language accents from people across the globe. If you have professional industry background and have worked in other transcription company, we are appreciated you to join us.

2. Time concept

The nature of the transcribing work requires audio or video transcriptionist must have a good concept of time, that is to say, audio or video transcriptionist shall have a good control of deadline of the project, ensure that the project can be delivered on time. Transcription project turnaround may be long or short, which depends on the specific requirement of the project. Once you undertake a project, you shall not abandon it for any reason.

3. Positive attitude

The quality of audio or video file depends on the quality of original document uploaded by client. Audio or video transcriptionist may meet difficulty audio, so you shall not only have the ability to handle difficult audio, but also have a positive attitude to overcome the difficulties initiatively. Do not perfunctorily handle with project because of irritable mood.

4. Transcription tool

Audio or video transcriptionist should be skilled in using the transcription tools, which can help you transcribe files more efficiently. You shall be expert in using transcription software such as Express Scribe etc. and Hardware assistants such as Foot Pedals etc. These tools are not complicated, I believe you will grasp their essentials as long as you are willing to understand and learn, use your mind and take more practices.

5. Broadband speeds

Sometimes the audio or video file will be relatively large even they are processed by software. So, you broadband speed shall be fast because you need to buffer or download them, and you should not waste time on. Please make sure you have a fast network speed.

6. Long-term cooperation

We are looking for long-term cooperation partner, because the selection of qualified partner shall go through several processes such as contacting, testing, screening and then formal cooperation. We sincerely want to keep close cooperation with you. So, you need to make sure you have enough spare time to accomplish this task.

AnyTranscription is expected you to become one of our members. Please join us!

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