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With the popularization and pervasive application of Internet technology, and the advent of big data and cloud-based translation concept, the Internet gradually penetrates into every aspect of people's work, life and studying. Now, competition in all lines of work grows increasingly fierce, and gradually evolves into global competition. Audio transcription service industry is no exception. Fortunately, the customer services for audio transcription are diverse and different.

Audio Transcription

We are full aware of this highly competitive market, and understand what the real demands of our customers. There is no doubt that each audio transcription project has its own characteristics, and each customer is unique. We can provide our customer not only a satisfactory transcribed document, but also can let them feel the value of our service and pleasure. Here, we can provide you with diversified and differentiated audio transcription service, and make tailored customer service solutions for you.

How can we provide audio transcription services with reasonable turnaround and incredible high-quality at competitive prices? In addition to our greatest effort, you are required to provide audio transcription file with high quality, clear voice, without much background or crosstalk; if you choose rush turnaround, the audio file should not exceed an specific length, contain too many complicated jargon and multiple languages and speakers (usually refer to more than two). This will guarantee you to get a piece of high-quality transcript faster.

Of course, if your audio files can not meet above conditions, we still have a corresponding solution. Then you may need to know the quality rate of Our Services, the audio quality rate classification matches different accuracy. AnyTranscription accepts all forms and any quality of digital audio files, and can realize clean transcription at affordable price via manual and technical method. We have capacity to convert all kinds of skype call, conference call, seminar, Podcast, and audio recording and other files into readable text.

Our transcription team has rich experience in handling with all types and topics of projects, and will implement professional process according to every customer's requirements: edit transcripts - check and correct spelling or grammatical errors - format the document. After reviewing the documents for several times, we will make comments on the portions that are not quite accurate, then you can quickly review them and understand the situation when you receive the transcript. This can make you feel and believe our philosophy of persistent pursuit of 100% accuracy.

The best audio transcription services in the industry are ready to meet all of your audio transcription demands. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, skype and email on the website.

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