We have collected some common questions from customers so as to help you better understand the aims of AnyTranscription's services.

How long will I receive my transcripts?

We will provide high quality and affordable transcription services before your deadline. We offer budget (a flexible deadline), standard (3-5 business days), rush (2 days), daily service (24 hours or less), all of which are priced very reasonably. Thanks to our excellent team of expert transcriptionists, we can typically meet almost any deadline without any problems at all. Completed transcripts will be emailed to you as Microsoft Word documents, and you can login your account to check, at the same time, we will send email notification.

What types of audio/video recordings can you transcribe?

AnyTranscription can handle almost any digital files, such as AVI, DVD, FLV, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, WAV, WMA, WMV, VOB etc. For digital files, you can simply sign up as a new client, and then upload your file. If your files are digital, simply log into your account and upload everything directly to us. The digital files are strongly recommend, which will save your time and money. We do not have a minimum size for transcription projects, and accept projects of any size. Please contact us by Telephone or E-mail with the details of your project, and we will give you an estimated price and turnaround time.

How can I get the best audio recording possible?

A clear audio or video file that you provide can guarantee us to provide you with affordable, accurate transcripts. Here are some of the most important points: clear pronunciation, high enough volume; if there are several speakers in your audio, please let them introduce themselves by name.

What is meant by difficult audio quality?

Difficult audio is audio that is harder to transcribe. Some factors that might make audio difficult include: noise (background, foreground, etc.), speakers talking over each other, many speakers, specialized terminology (including technical, legal, scientific, and medical), muffled or quiet recordings, talking fast, and accents. If more than one of these characteristics are present in your audio, it is difficult audio. This is not a comprehensive list but covers most cases. Recordings in public places (cafes, restaurants, etc.) are almost called difficult audio. Phone calls and focus groups are often difficult audio quality. You can add on difficult quality audio with transcription service.

What is a verbatim transcription?

Our verbatim transcription product retains every utterance, including redundancies, false starts, filler words like, "um," "uh," "er," etc., and "I mean," "you know"; all slang, e.g., "gonna," "kinda," "sorta," "cuz," etc. You may request a certain level of verbatim, by leaving special instruction in the notes box, e.g., "Frank stutters a bit - please remove stutters - but keep all the filler words, and make sure you catch Frank's use of'gonna,' instead of 'going to' and his frequent use of 'like,' as we want to retain the speakers' character/jargon."

When are timestamps placed?

Timestamps are measured from the start of the audio and are inserted at the beginning of each speaker change, and if appropriate, for instance in audio files with long monologues, at paragraph breaks.

Why charge per audio minute?

Charging a flat transcription rate for each recorded minute of audio minimizes the confusion of page counts, hours worked, and so forth. As a customer, you may not have a sense of how many pages your final transcript might be, or how long it might take our transcriptionists to create that transcript. But in nearly all cases, you know exactly how long your audio or video file is.

How do I know you'll keep my files confidential?

We will exert every effort to ensure the highest degree of client confidentiality. Many transcription services claim that they will keep your material confidential by simply signing off on NDA. This is the minimum requirement and only the first step to ensure your privacy. AnyTranscription has strict confidentiality procedures to guarantee that your information will remain private, including confidentiality agreements, background checks, and other technical safeguards.

How can I guarantee my work?

Our work is fully guaranteed by our team. If you feel unsatisfied with the results of our transcription services, you can feel free to send us your feedback and we will endeavor to offer you revisions to make the task as accurate as you expect to be. If you need us to repeat the entire process to satisfy your requirements, we would be glad to do so. It is only if we are unable to rework the transcript that we would issue a 50% refund on the transcripts. All claims to be made and settled within one month.

What makes AnyTranscription different from other transcription services?

Beyond our company culture, there are several things that set us apart. We endeavor to provide dedicated, best service. Our transcriptionists are native transcriptionists. These native speakers can guarantee us to provide fantastic quality. We only hire the best transcriptionists, and we make sure to match them to your specific project. In addition, we support various initiatives that allow us to "give back" to local community. We also have several bilingual Account Executives who oversee your projects from start to finish and control the project quality and process. AnyTranscription's language specialists audit each transcribed document to ensure the quality and accuracy of the transcription. We are willing to accept feedback from all sides, and provide better service platform for the development of the employees and customers in constant progress.