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Which is the Better Option to Achieve Voice to Text?

With the respect to the conversion from voice to text, there are two options—one is through voice recognition software, which is convenient, and can quickly and easily convert voice into texts via voice recognition technology, second is artificial voice to text conversion. The artificial transformation does not mean manual transcription, but also uses some software and technologies to achieve the final result. This option is less direct but with high accuracy.

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So, under what circumstances do we need to use artificial way? In what circumstances, only recognition technology is possible? It is quite necessary to understand this question, because nobody wants to waste time and money.

To answer this question, we need to consider the following aspects:

- Material

What kind of property does the material we want to convert to text have? You're suggested to consider from several perspectives: 1.Duration. If the video or audio is too long that exceeds beyond general speech recognition software's capability, artificial transformation is a better choice. 2. Quality. Some video or audio files have very low quality, or recorded in noisy environment. It is impossible to get satisfactory results simply by speech recognition software.

- Time

As for this, you need to consider the following aspects: 1. Deadline. If you need to convert video or audio into text in a short period of time, then we are more likely to select the voice recognition software. Of course, there are many enterprises that provide voice to text service, the type of services they provide belong to the second one - mainly artificial supporting technology. They can provide professional services with high quality and satisfactory results for you in a short period of time, such as AnyTranscription. 2. Instantaneity. Speech recognition software is more suitable for instant service.

- Accuracy

The biggest disadvantage of speech recognition software lies in that its accuracy is not high enough, especially in the audio/video file with low quality and long duration. If you need to get text with higher accuracy, it is recommended that you use artificial transformation.

- Money

The common speech recognition software is free of charge, but shall charge with advanced function. If you choose to make artificial speech to text conversion by yourself, it does not need to charge, but you shall pay if you choose to purchase services by enterprises specializing in voice to text conversion. You can visit our website for specific standards of charge: According to your budget, you can choose specific method after comparing above two options.

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