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Voice dictation — free or discounted?

Voice dictation software has been widely produced and used in converting voice to text through simple voice input. One of the biggest strengths of this software is free of charge.

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So, when we search, voice search can help us convert voice to text without manually input and realize searching automatically. When going to a destination, you simply need to input voice through speech recognition technology, navigation will be conducted instantly. However, when enjoying this free service, people have to bear its flaws.

1. Low accuracy

Whether you have used voice dictation software to transcribe a longer speech file? If yes, do you feel satisfied with the results? Most people will answer: No. Well, what is the cause of this situation? Of course, there are numerous reasons, but the core one is the low accuracy, which is a fact that can not be ignored. The speech recognition technology is not mature enough to recognize some complex terminologies, homophonic and accent, which restricts the wide application of voice dictation software. Compared to the expensive transcription services, the voice dictation software is attracted by a number of users for its characteristic of free. But its accuracy with less than eighty percent means that users shall check the transcripts manually after converting with voice dictation software. This is undoubtedly a time-consuming job. But transcription service can free you from boring edit process, and get satisfying transcription easily.

2. low security

Now, a lot of software require user to fill in location, phone number and other information, which violates user privacy to a certain extent. In the transcription industry, especially when the customer needs transcription file to keep confidential and ensure that it will never be leaked out, the application of free voice dictation software to carry out transcription is something ridiculous. The transcription service providers have a great advantage in this area - they will sign different kinds of agreements with customers to ensure that the customer information will never be leaked out.

Discounted transcription services

From the above two points, we know that although the voice dictation software is free, its accuracy and safety can not compare with manual transcription services. Yet many people still choose it due to the manual transcription services need to pay, even though its high accuracy service deserves the price. To better solve this problem, AnyTranscription is launching a discounted promotion. You can get high quality transcription by 30% discount,and let you totally free from additional work. For more information, please visit:

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