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Video Transcription — from YouTube to AnyTranscription

When it comes to video transcription, we have to mention YouTube. The YouTube's featured function of "automatic subtitle" is a gospel to many video makers and audiences. However, the potential problems still exist and are numerous.

Video Transcription


YouTube applied Google's automatic speech recognition (ASR) to add caption for YouTube Video. The technology is from Google Voice. However, although it can help you understand the video's content to a certain extent, the generated subtitles cannot be 100% accurate. There were so many times, especially some key parts, YouTube's automatic transcription subtitles not only can't guarantee it accuracy, even make the audience cause ambiguity. As for this point, I believe that many users of Google Voice are impressive.

Another defect of YouTube's automatic transcription is restricting language. YouTube’s automatic transcription of subtitle only supports a small range of languages and may not include your native language. So, it's difficult for you to understand the content of the video via inaccurate foreign language subtitle, and is nearly impossible to transcribe your shooting video.

But we know clearly that you are expecting to have accurate subtitles when you shoot or watch video. For people in pursuit of perfect like you, we can provide you with video transcription service with one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

AnyTranscription achieves video transcription through two ways: First, speech recognition technologies, including the technique of "Automatic Speech Recognition", "Natural Language Understanding", and "Text To Speech". These assistant techniques will improve the accuracy of transcription. Second, human intelligence review, our professional team with rich experience in the transcription will control the entire process of operation, and will manually check and correct mistakes during the transcription. At the same time, AnyTranscription has native transcriptionists from all over the world to provide you with video transcription and translation for over 20 countries.

Of course, we also take the problem you concern into consideration.

- Time

You don't need to worry about time. AnyTranscription ensures the file will be delivered to you before the deadline. Or, if you are not willing to wait, you also can choose the rush transcription. We will complete the video transcription, translation and subtitling in the shortest time.

- Price

All of our services are clearly marked. Please visit our official website "" to check the price information.

We believe that AnyTranscription is your best choice for video transcription!

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