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Transcriptionist at Home, a Good Choice for you

Now, working at home has become an increasingly hot topic. As the traffic gets more and more congestion, the company's overtime is getting longer, people begin to more freedom and flexible occupation. Due to the few limitations and relatively low professional requirements for transcription, and large social demands, transcription has been regarded as a good professional choice for many people.

As a transcriptionist working at home, you can easily earn money at home and don’t need to arrive at company at the deadline of company's commute schedule every day. One more advantage of working at home is that you can work and take care of your family. This is a good news for many people who are eager to work but have to take care of their children. On the other hand, for those want to earn some extra money in their spare time, transcription is a good part-time option for its fair convenience and lucrative return.


Of course, there are some requirements for transcriptionists. The basic requirement for competent transcriptionist at home is to have a good typing speed of over 50 words per minute. Meanwhile you must have a good command over the English language-spelling, vocabulary and grammar.

For some specific transcription, such as medical transcription and research for a certain academic transcription, etc., the requirement for transcriptionist ability is relatively high. Take medical transcription as an example, you must have basic medical knowledge to ensure that you can handle medical terminologies. Since medical transcription is highly specialized for transcriptionists, transcriptionists are often required to receive specialized medical transcription courses. The period of such course generally lasts several months or more. However, if you believe that it is enough for you to have the ability of medical transcription just by reading some of the medical books or through online education, then we have to say, this is completely wrong, because medical transcription also requires practice and training. The specialized medical transcription courses provide professional training in human physiology, drugs, treatments, and medical terminology, so that you will not have troubles during the transcription later on.

Transcription can give much flexibility and convenience for working at home. But it doesn’t mean that to be a transcriptionist is easy. As a transcriptionist, you need to update your knowledge continuously, and ensure to complete your work excellently. If you are a competent transcriptionist worrying about tight schedule, well, AnyTranscription welcomes to your join!

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