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Transcribers in AnyTranscription

AnyTranscription possesses numerous professional transcribers from different countries with different transcriptional orientation. Flexible working system lets the transcriber control the time freely, and home-based transcription makes AnyTranscription’s employees spread all over the world.


The work of transcriber is a little bit boring to certain extent. Because what you need to do is to type the speech of the audio/ video word by word. This process is a process of exercising typing speed for numerous transcribers nowadays. However, the AnyTranscription's transcribers may not think so.

"When you're conducting a transcription task, you're not just typing, actually you are improving your ability. For example, when you are carrying out a medical transcription, there may be some contents you haven’t seen before because medical industry is experiencing rapid development. So for a transcriber, he/she must learn the new knowledge and incorporated it into their own knowledge system in the shortest period of time. Otherwise, he/she would have no way to finish the transcription and will face with similar problems in the future. Meanwhile, it is an important way to prevent medical errors in the future via reviewing and judging the audio/ video relying on your own knowledge." - A medical transcriber of AnyTranscription said.

"I don't think transcription is boring, on the contrary, it's interesting. Just as a general transcriber, I think we can get access to different kinds of audios/videos that make me feel very excited. You never know what the next thing is, and maybe it will benefit you for life. I have transcribed a number of movies that have a great impact on me. I have further thought and feeling than usual in the process of transcription."- A general transcriber of AnyTranscription said.

"AnyTranscription gives us a lot of freedom. We can choose to go to the office, or we can also choose to work at home. If there is anything urgent to deal with, I don’t need to worry about the time. After having dispelled the concerns of other aspects, I can concentrate on my transcription work."-said by a transcriber in AnyTranscription who recently gave birth to her baby.

In order to serve our customers better, AnyTranscription not only recruits professional transcriber in different fields, but also implements worldwide recruitment in a large-scale to meet the transcription need of different countries’ customers. In the future, AnyTranscription will establish professional teams of medical transcription, academic transcription, conference call transcription, etc., to provide professional localization transcription services for more than 100 countries!

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