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Speak to Text – Improve the Efficiency of Transcription work

Speak to text is widely used in modern life. Do you know what it applies to and why it gets popular today

Speak to Text

Speak to text is a kind of speech recognition program, which can convert spoken language to written language. It was originally a kind of hearing aid technology for hard-of-hearing person. Now the programs can recognize ordinary people’s voice, so new speech text conversion technology has some new applications, including interactive phone functions, such as speech into text information transmission and speech to text search. Because ordinary people speak faster than their typing speed, so speech text conversion can improve the work efficiency, especially improve the efficiency of writing or transcription work.

Owing to this program, transcription service is flourishing today. Many transcription companies like AnyTranscription took this opportunity to gain a place in the global market.
Then, let’s see how speak to text plays its role in AnyTranscription.

- AnyTranscription provides four types of transcription service.

1. Online Transcription Services

AnyTranscription mainly provides their transcription services via online platform, where you can upload your file and track your order.

2. Audio Transcription Services

AnyTranscription accepts all kinds of audio transcription projects including conference audio, business negotiation audio, lecture audio and so on. And almost every popular field is covered more or less.

3. Video Transcription Services

AnyTranscription has abundant experience in providing video transcription services, including interview transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription.

4. Digital Transcription Services

AnyTranscription provides a very flexible business platform. First, it can transcribe any audio/video file. Second, customers can upload their files to our server, which is a very convenient way to help save money and time.

Apart from AnyTranscription, many other companies also do the same thing. They provide audio/video transcription services, covering business, law, academy, medical treatment and so on. We can see that speak to text is playing a more and more important part in our life, and is becoming a necessary way to transmitting information.

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