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Should You Know About Phonetic Transcription? (2)

In our daily life, when you see a paragraph of English characters, the first reaction in most people is to pronounce them. On the contrary, with the popularity of audio and video recordings today, when you hear various languages pronounced by different native speakers, are you aware the importance of phonetic? When we transcribe a word or an utterance, we need to spell and write it down according to its pronunciation, so phonetic transcription is quite necessary. (Mainly take English as an example)

Phonetic Transcription

Base Unit Of Phonetic Transcription

The basis of phonetic and phonemic transcription is the phoneme. Phonemic transcription is the most common type of phonetic transcription, which is used in many English dictionaries. How does phonemic transcription perform its role? If we have two different English sounds, should we need to give them separate symbols in transcriptions? The answer is yes in phonemic transcription, because different sounds express different and specific meaning. Phonemic symbols will frequently be chosen to avoid diacritics as much as possible.

Function Of Dictionary

With phonetic transcriptions, dictionaries can accurately tell you about the pronunciation of words. In English dictionaries, phonetic transcriptions are indispensable, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how to pronounce it. Phonetic transcriptions are usually written in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), in which each English sound has its own symbol. You can take a look at an alphabet chart with all the English sounds and their IPA symbols. In addition, some dictionaries have no pronunciations of words. If you are serious about learning English, you’d better buy a dictionary which has this phonetic transcription information.

Word Stress

If a word has many syllables, one of them is always pronounced more strongly. This is called word stress, and we say that the syllable is stressed. In the phonetic transcription system, you can see a lot of similar examples, you can try to read transcriptions of some English words, and then listen to their difference of pronunciation.

As professional transcribers, a good phonetic transcription basis is very necessary. If you want to have good English phonetic capabilities, you must learn and practice English pronunciation all the way. If you're going to learn each sound in the English sound chart, you might learn its symbol, it doesn't take much extra effort. The above is a brief introduction to phonetic transcription, we hope that you will gain much through these two articles. If you want to learn more about the information of audio/video transcription, you can see our other articles

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