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Professional Conference Transcription Service provided by AnyTranscription

Conferences commonly exist in all walks of life, whether you are a government official or a lawyer, a doctor, or an ordinary company staff. With the development of science and technology, we no longer need to rely on simple manual records to record the main points of the meeting to avoid forgeting. Mobile phone, as a convenient tool, gives people a good choice to carry out the recording.

Conference Transcription

But it cannot be denied that, compared to the manual writing, the recording has higher requirements for the follow-up work. You should listen to this conference more than twice to record the contents. The noisy part of the discussion in the record will lower your accuracy. Of course, there are certain requirements for your phone's recording function.

Even all of these obstacles are overcome, it is cannot change that you have to spend a lot of time to transcribe. With the increase of conferences and work, no one is willing to spending so much time on tedious transcription tasks. So many people turn to transcription service for help, which is also the reason why the conference transcription has become more and more popular.

For the conference transcription, people are most concerned about the following points. Let's see how AnyTranscription does.

1. The type of conference

AnyTranscription possesses numerous professional transcriptionists for medical, political, legal, commercial, academic, television, etc., and can guarantee providing you with professional transcription services. AnyTranscription specializes providing the following services: transcription of business conferences and conferences of the board, transcription of academic conferences, transcription of manager and leader conferences, transcription of project management conferences, medical conference transcription, art conference transcription and political conference transcription.

2. Turnaround period

AnyTranscription provides different types of transcription services, and set different turnaround period corresponding to it. If you have any other requirements, AnyTranscription can guarantee the completion of the work within 24 hours.

3. Confidentiality

AnyTranscription utilizes 256 bit algorithm to ensure that your information is 100% secured. At the same time, AnyTranscription will sign a confidentiality agreement so that you won’t have worries anymore.

4. Language

As more and more companies are conducting cross-border business, we will not only have to transcribe native conferences in the English, but also transcribe conferences in different languages. AnyTranscription possesses transcriptionists from different countries to provide absolute reliable foreign language transcription for you, which contains more than 20 languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian etc.

5. Accuracy

It is the point that most people care about. AnyTranscription provides fully verbatim transcription and ensures that transcript meets your expectations. AnyTranscription provides transcription services with 100% customer satisfaction and more than 98% accuracy. In accuracy, AnyTranscription can absolutely meet your requirements.

In addition, AnyTranscription offers a summer discount of 30%. So let AnyTranscription bring some cooler air in this busy and hot summer!

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