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Medical Transcriptionists in Rapid Development – Anytranscription Team

Medical transcription is one of the fastest developing areas in healthcare industry. In the United States, a large amount of medical transcription is required because the health care industry is based on insurance and detailed medical records, and medical workers have been able to get edited text format in a short time through the telephone dictation of patient record.

Medical Transcription


We can see that more and more students choose medical transcription as their major. However, to become a professional and competent medical transcription is far more than simply getting familiar with techniques. Because of the particularity of healthcare industry, medical transcriptionists are usually specialists in medical language and healthcare documentation. Let's see what specific requirements a professional and competent medical transcriptionist should have.

1. Have a understanding of following knowledge:

◆ Medical jargons from various specialties, including surgical instruments and laboratory and diagnostic tests
◆ Anatomy and physiology
◆ Pharmacology
◆ English grammar and punctuation
◆ Healthcare organization
◆ Word processing software
◆ General vocabulary
◆ Ethics
◆ Confidential issues

2. Abilities

Medical transcriptionists must have an extensive knowledge and understanding of medical terminology, sound judgment, deductive reasoning, and the ability to detect medical inconsistencies in dictation. The medical transcriptionist questions, seeks clarification, verifies the information, and enters it into the report. So, medical transcriptionists are standing in the frontline of medical insurance management.

3. Education and Experience

Most medical transcriptionists should receive some training to become a professional and competent medical transcriptionist, which include anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, word processing, English grammar, and medical jargons. People who have related experience in medical institution may just need to take medical transcription courses. But in any case, with the continuous development of the healthcare industry, no medical transcriptionist can be stagnant. The most important thing is to continue to learn and update your medical literacy. If a medical transcriptionist just do endless work and don't expand his/her knowledge, he/she will soon feel that they are incompetent. Many people overestimate their grammar and vocabulary knowledge. B level medical transcriptionists will find that medical transcription is increasingly far from their ability.

AnyTranscription possesses a team of experienced medical transcriptionist. Most important, we are striving for improving medical transcriptionists' ability to provide medical transcription services with better ability, and meet your satisfaction!

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