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Is it Possible to Get a Perfect Transcription with Low Quality Video?


The word "perfect" covers a broad meaning. Video transcription—under the influence of various factors - is difficult to attain so-called "perfect transcription". However, whether it is still possible? The answer is yes. We will take AnyTranscription for example to introduce you the specific transcription processes.

Get A Perfect Transcription With Low Quality Video

AnyTranscription achieves the "speech to text" mainly through two ways: First, speech recognition technologies, including the technique of "Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR)", "Natural Language Understanding(NLU)", "Text To Speech(TTS)". These techniques will improve the accuracy of transcription. Second, human intelligence review. Our team will select staff with rich experience in the transcription to control the entire process of operation, and will manually check and correct mistakes during the transcription.

So it means that, the perfection of speech recognition technologies and the capacity of transcriptionists will determine the result of the transcription after you place the order of transcription.

At the same time, the quality of your video and your chosen turnaround period will influence the result of transcription. If the video file you provide is recorded in noisy environment, has low quality or contains full of various jargon (such as medical/legal jargon), and you choose the "short period", then you probably won't get a "perfect transcription" --unless the following conditions.

In fact, the core element of this problem lies not whether you can achieve "perfect transcription" with low quality video, but whether you can get satisfying transcription even though the video quality is poor. We can responsibly tell you the answer: yes. If you want to know why, please read on.

AnyTranscription collects modern speech localization studio facilities and professional media processing team, and will complete multimedia localization work for you. At the same time, AnyTranscription organizes the transcription team that consists of various industries' language experts for different manuscript types according to the principle of matching. It can effectively complete professional language transformation, ensure the accurate understanding of original manuscript and the professionalism, accuracy and rigor of transcription.

To ensure a steady supply of services for customers, AnyTranscription sets up a separate lexical library to ensure that all historical documents’ unity on the terms of key jargons and noun. At the same time, AnyTranscription possesses professional transcriptionists around the world to provide you with native transcription service of more than 20 languages. In addition, AnyTranscription grants to respond to customers' feedback to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. So, you will still get the result you want even without "perfect transcription".

Perhaps you will say: I just want a simple video transcription! Then it is recommended that you take a look at our website of another article "How to Easily Transcribe Audio to the Text? " Then you will understand why AnyTranscription is your best choice.

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