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Interview Transcription — Exactly What You Want!

Interview transcription is the process of converting the voice of the interview into text. Many different companies and individuals carry out interview transcription based on different purposes and reasons.

When conducting the interview, reporters usually need recording pen to record the interview so as to get more detailed and accurate result. And the most direct and effective method to obtain the required information from the interview is the transcript of the text.

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I believe that many researchers also have this feeling. Qualitative research is very important in the whole research, which is mostly accomplished via depth interview, focus group and other forms. During the process of depth interview, the researcher's handwrite is difficult, while the focus group is more difficult to write manually. At this point, most researchers will record or shoot. Either way needs to convert the contents of the record into text if you want to get required information. Transcript is a time-consuming and effort-taking process for researchers. So they often choose to buy transcription services from companies like AnyTranscription.

There are insurance claims, lawyers and other staff that need to carry out interview in the course of work. For example, a lawyer needs to record the plaintiff and the witness's statement, and then he/she may need the interview transcription services to convert those interviews into text.

Radio and TV shows carry out interviews and they will put different kinds of clips together to form a professional post processed program. Using transcription services, you can insert time stamps to these interviews. It's very useful when you are looking for a specific audio or video clip to put into the program.

Why choose outsourcing rather than speech recognition software?

Speech recognition software has been developing in recent years, and it is a good way to get free transcription text—when the interview is very short, few of jargons and in high quality, etc. In fact, interview transcription is usually difficult to complete in a short time due to its specialty and pertinence, and jargon occurs frequently. Most of time, when there are many participants like focus group, on noisy conditions, it is difficult to obtain high quality transcription via speech recognition software. But this is precisely why interview transcription needs. While some professional transcription companies such as AnyTranscription provide verbatim transcription, and achieve 100% accuracy, 98% customer satisfaction. This is undoubtedly a better choice for interview transcription.

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