About AnyTranscription

AnyTranscription is an online professional website that provides transcription services. The website is run by IOL8 a subordinate of Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd., China's largest translation company. Based on an Internet and IT technology implementation innovation model, Transn is a new multi-language information service provider, which allows customers to communicate directly with the world in their native tongue. On the strength of over 10 years of profound experience in the translation industry and technology accumulation over that time, Transn launches its brand new website AnyTranscription. AnyTranscription mainly provides professional online audio or video transcription services for customers around the world, combining Internet technology, transcription software and manual proofreading to make its online transcription services faster and of a higher quality.

Our Philosophy

The core philosophy of AnyTranscription (a company) is built upon three key ideas: optimum prices, high efficiency and provide customized transcription services. Specifically: provide the most satisfactory service at the lowest price; make transcription service simpler and more convenient; let's the customer enjoy an easier and nicer life.

The aim of our company, of course, is to set optimum prices, which allow ourselves to maximise our profits while still remaining attractive to customers. We boast that our prices are perceived to be optimum and also attractive to our customers, so they can enjoy more sophisticated service than our competitor. Based on the our philosophy of optimum prices, high efficiency and providing customized transcription services, we develop and provide innovative, safe, and high-quality products and services that meet a wide variety of customers' demands to enrich the lives of people around the world. We will endeavor to protect the personal information of customers and everyone else with whom we are engaged in business, in accordance with the letter and spirit of each country's privacy laws. We also strive to provide fair working conditions and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.

Our Team

Internet era has witnessed that the earth has become a village. Social contact revolution caused by the Internet spreads at home and even around the whole world. Transcription is a rigid demand for people in different languages. With the development of globalization, this demand will be more intensive. Some highly internationalized SNS giants, including Facebook and Twitter, have obviously realized: they can be the real exchange platforms for people all around the world that all users from different nations are gathered together instead of being separated by different networks according to different regions. But, there is still a long way to go. We believe that different languages can be seen as different "codes", while transcription can be perceived to be a kind of transcoding technology, which is slightly harder than computer language conversion. Such technologies in development, such as speech recognition technology of Apple Inc and Google Inc, can effectively distinguish the pronunciations of native languages. Some voice and text of mutual conversion software, although is not widely used at present, and the accuracy is not high, but the prospects can be expected.

With the invention of digital recording, the transcription service was also transformed. Through digital recording, the quality of the recorded material has improved dramatically, and the customers now can send their audio files directly via Internet and make the turnaround of transcripts much faster. As we all know that the transcript is a complicated job, which involves numerous processes. Our professional staff should listen to the audio, scribble everything down and should also keep them accurate without any professional devices, which seems like an impossible mission, but can be easily accomplished by our professional staff with decades of rich and in-depth experience in this aspect. But the complexity of transcription process itself cannot guarantee the perfect transcription. Fortunately, we have successfully integrated human resource with computerized software to guarantee providing you best quality and timely service. We are a professional service agency that will intensively endeavor to conduct intensive product research and forward-looking development activities to create new value for its customers. AnyTranscription nurtures the inventiveness and other abilities of its employees. It seeks to create a climate of cooperation, so that employees and the Company can realize their full potential.

The excellent language skills and sharp ear required by transcription as a prerequisite to the high quality transcription service shall be substantially met. We felt a glow of pride in having numerous rich experienced transcribers who have passed rigorous testing and training. Each and every one of our employees should think for themselves and determine what concrete action we should be taken in quality control so as to provide timely and the most accurate transcripts for our clients. Our team as we assembled has the ability to provide transcription services in numerous languages, transcription consulting and customized transcription products for our customers, and you can enjoy wonderful and worry-free AnyTranscription experience. We will continue to seek unmet transcription needs in business world and fulfill those needs. AnyTranscription today serves businesses across the world within a short span of time, but develops a strong and loyal customer base via providing a range of online transcription services at optimum prices. The customer satisfaction and praises that we have reaped is a treasure for us in this competitive business, which encourages excellent and efficient proofreading team to deliver 100% customer satisfaction in the future. During the brief time since inception, AnyTranscription has become a market leader and is trusted by over 5,000 satisfied clients.

AnyTranscription is very proud to make contribution in this field and hope that our efforts and spirit of innovation can have far-reaching significance. AnyTranscription will continue to play its role in this field. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our excellent staff and loyal customers.